b'A long-term Waterloo resident, Chris Smith opened Greensmiths 11 years ago. The Boulevard SE1 21At the time, he thought Lower Marsh was an interesting street butneeded the glue of some food shops to stick it together. His idea was to bring a butcher, a baker and a greengrocer together in an unpretentious local shop. I wanted to provide proper food to customers who enjoyed food and took pleasure in shopping and cooking. You could come and get a coffee and a croissant for breakfast, buy a sandwich for lunch, then pick up your evening meal on the way home.The former chef and property developer refitted the old gents outfitters, retaining as much of the historic building as possible. The first floor became a caf, its walls taken back to the original brick, with doorway arches still visible and two atrium windows intact. A long dining table was crafted from roof joists, and the outfitters chest of drawers was reinvented as a fruit and veg stand. The shop has a higgledy-piggledy layout, with lots of levels, and food tucked into nooks and crannies. It stocks a mix of staples, quality food brands and customer recommendations. Theres a proper butcher who gives advice, a selection of interesting wine, and bread from The Old Post Office Bakers in Stockwell, still warm from the oven when it arrives in the morning. The kitchen started life as a way to avoid waste. People say theyrehappy to buy malformed vegetables, says Chris, but they pick themost perfect specimens.'